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1 December 2013

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Lifting the Lid on China's Censorship

Recent studies on Internet censorship in China focus primarily on "opinion leaders" -- individuals with high influence on social media platforms -- but fail to include community-based journalism efforts.

15 November 2013

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How LINE Censors Users in China (and How to Get Around it)

New research from the Citizen Lab investigates government pressures on Asian companies developing instant messaging apps, information controls on LINE apps, and implications for users.

13 November 2013

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China: Over 100,000 Weibo Users Punished for Violating ‘Censorship Guidelines’

Tens of thousands of Sina Weibo users are being punished for posting "personal attack comments" or re-publishing messages posted by other users. Welcome to China's ever-broadening battlefield of online censorship.

8 November 2013

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Chinese Government is “Winning” Internet Ideology Battle

In August, the Chinese Community Party launched a campaign against unauthorized political commentary online -- according to a new study, the campaign is working.

17 October 2013

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China Beefs Up '50 Cent’ Army of Paid Internet Propagandists

China has given official recognition to the 50 Cent Party job amid a crackdown on online public opinion leaders in an effort to better manipulate Internet discussion.

6 October 2013

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Will China's “Free Trade Zones” Include a Free Internet?

Government officials are scrambling to dispel rumors that free trade zones in Shanghai and Shenzhen will include access to an open Internet.

24 September 2013

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Interview: Researcher Sonya Yan Song on Censorship in China

Sonya Yan Song is a researcher and computer programmer working on current trends in online news censorship China. In a recent study, she has sought to quantify deletion rates for online news articles.