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30 April 2012

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Big Brother Awards Requite Privacy Invaders

The Big Brother Awards created by the organisation Privacy International in the United Kingdom to shame privacy invaders are now held in many countries across Europe and around the world. Germany held their 2012 ceremony only few weeks ago.

10 August 2007

Part Two: Defending online free speech and environmental rights in Bulgaria

In Part One of this article, I outlined recent threats to the Bulgarian environment and the vibrant web-led protest movement that developed in response. In this article I speak to Milena Bokova, BlueLink Information Network executive director, who talks about the intimidation against her colleague, blogger Michel Bozgounov, the threats...

9 August 2007

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Part One: Defending online free speech and environmental rights in Bulgaria

For Sale: Strandzha Nature Park. Parcel 1 160 680 dka; view of the sea, beach; located in the east in proximity to Turkey; oak and beech forests; 3 rivers, fishing. Nature pays with its life. Support WWF, protect protected areas. (Source: panda.org/bulgaria) The June 29, 2007 decision of the Bulgarian...