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Mialy was born in Madagascar, attended college in France and is now living in the Washington DC area.
Her interests include litterature, ICT for Development, women rights and immigration issues.
She has graduate degrees in Telecommunications and Business.

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24 April 2009

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Madagascar: Transitional government is trampling on freedom of speech

A series of unfortunate decisions taken by the Andry TGV Rajoelina High Authority for the Transition (HAT) government is seriously threatening freedom of speech in Madagascar. First, there was the arrest of three demonstrators, most famously, “Razily“, the young man seen bearing a flag in this amateur video, before being...

2 April 2009

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Madagascar: Security forces are harassing bloggers and twitterers

Opponents to the Haute Autorite de la Transition (High Authority for the Transition) have been holding daily demonstrations in the Malagasy capital since March 21, 2009. Last saturday's protest was harshly repressed by the security forces, and resulted in at least 34 injured people, including children. During the protest, a...