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Greg Epstein is a writer and computer science expert. He is currently an intern with Global Voices Advocacy and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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21 August 2013

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Controversial Human Rights Lawyer Arrested in Bangladesh

Adilur Khan was arrested without a warrant, allegedly for helping his employer, prominent human rights group Odhikar, to publish a report on police abuse. The report has raised substantial public controversy, as has Khan's arrest.

16 August 2013

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From North to South, the Government is Watching You

While many eyes remain fixed on the surveillance activities of the United States, citizens in Colombia, Mexico, Panama and many other Latin American countries are also at risk of abuses by their own national governments.

11 July 2013

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Online and Off, Information Control Persists in Turkey

Government efforts to stifle unrest in Turkey in recent weeks has stretched beyond episodes of physical violence and police brutality into the digital world, where information control and media intimidation are on the rise.