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I am a Zambian journalist, blogger and Global Voices author, passionate about media and internet freedom.

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28 April 2014

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Zambia: New Risks for Journalists At National Broadcaster

Media workers in Zambia will soon face even greater constraints from both employers and state regulators.

8 April 2014

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Zambia Will Draft Internet Law to Control “Gossiping” Media

Information Minister Joseph Katema derided the current media environment, claiming that Zambians are "starved of credible information" due to the media's focus on "spreading falsehoods."

13 March 2014

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Zambia: President’s Son Warns Journalist, “We Will Kill You”

Beaten and threatened by Kazim Sata, independent journalist Thomas Zgambo will soon stand trial in a case linking him to the Zambian Watchdog, an investigative news website.

13 February 2014

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Two Million Mobile SIM Cards Deactivated in Zambia

Zambians who failed to register their SIM cards are now facing dead air -- journalists and opposition party leaders say the deactivations are a violation of citizens' privacy and communication rights.

17 January 2014

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Zambian Police Go After ‘Watchdog’ for Publishing Draft Constitution

Indy news site the Zambian Watchdog published a leaked draft of the nation's constitution -- police now say they will use "international legal provisions" to prosecute those behind the Watchdog.

6 January 2014

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Minister Offers $2000 Reward To Unmask Zambian Watchdog Editors

Bribes abound in the latest chapter of the battle between the Zambian government and the independent Zambian Watchdog news site.

4 January 2014

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Botched Bureaucracy Mars SIM Card Registration in Zambia

While some Zambians scramble to register their SIM cards, others have discovered their registration information has gone missing.