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Eduardo Avila

I am a Bolivian-American who maintains the blog Barrio Flores, while living in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Currently, I am the Regional Editor for Latin America and the Spanish language editor for Global Voices.

I am the founder and director of the Voces Bolivianas project, which teaches the use of citizen media to underrepresented groups throughout Bolivia, with the help of a network of national bloggers.

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Latest posts by Eduardo Avila

6 December 2008

Cuba: Government Officials Tell Bloggers to Cancel Planned Meeting

A Cuban blogger meet-up scheduled for December 6 is in danger of being cancelled by the authorities. The event, which has been in the planning stage for months and had 25 confirmed attendees, is being deemed “counterrevolutionary.” This is according to a recent conversation between officials from the Interior Ministry and one of the island's most well-known bloggers Yoaní Sánchez of Generación Y, who was one of the bloggers recently summoned to the local police station.